What is ISE Media?

ISE Media is a streaming platform for renowned independent journalists and content creators to share their content without fear of censorship, and a space for millions of free-thinking individuals to engage in meaningful dialogue and self-expression with our platform’s robust social feed.

The platform’s name is rooted in our company’s name, Isegoria, which is an ancient Greek word that means “equality in the freedom to speak”.

How is ISE different from other streaming and social platforms?

Most streaming platforms only provide video. ISE Media offers an array of quality content-- including exclusive video you won’t find anywhere else-- along with an easy-to-navigate and appealing social media experience for users. Combining content from quality creators with strong social features has been ISE Media’s mission from its inception.

What can creators do on ISE? Can I become a creator?

The current version of the platform offers a straightforward uploading process with basic functions and controls such as keywords and tags, editing, and comment moderation. Creators can choose to keep their content free to the public, but also have the ability to upload pay-per-view content. The platform will soon offer a premium creator’s studio with additional functions for a fee. Creators can also stream live video on the platform. 

During our early phase of ISE Media, creator and content acquisition is on a limited basis. You can apply as a creator anytime at https://ise.media/static/contentcreators, and as our platform grows, eventually all users will have the ability to become a creator.

What can users do on ISE?

ISE Media’s current version allows users to:

  • create and customize a profile and social feed to share content
  • view, comment on, and thumbs-up ISE content
  • follow creators and other users
  • share posts and ISE videos to their profile
  • reply to other users’ comments
  • tip creators

Additional features for users will be continuously added to the platform. Users can also buy Kerma tokens to support their favorite creators, fellow users, and individual content pieces. See our Kerma FAQ for more details.

Click here to create a user account and profile.

How do you protect user privacy? How do you protect against censorship?

When you sign up at ISE Media, your information will never be sold to anyone. You also have the ability to make your profile information and social feed private to users who do not follow you.

In addition, ISE Media has several protocols in place to ensure that all content, along with our platform’s servers and domains, will not be removed. However, users and creators must both abide by the law; illegal content will not be allowed on ISE, but legal content will not be censored. 

Is ISE Media content free to watch?

ISE Media provides a wide variety of free content, including exclusive and semi-exclusive content from creators. Some creators place their content behind a paywall for users to purchase.