We are walking through a collective opportunity to bear witness to the deepest shadow of humanity. And many are ignoring this opportunity, as they slowly transform into the monster that they used to rage against. It is incredible to witness.

The inability to digest our interior stranger and to return to our own profound beauty, wholeness and heart centered humanity, has pushed countless into a psychosis infused with denial, a virus of the mind, a Wetiko. Many of my former writings have spoken about this descent, but it is important to name what specifically is occurring, in my mind. The naming must occur so that we have ability to work correctly with these energies. Otherwise, it is too easy in this time to become the leviathan. It is too easy to descend into this psychosis, this belief that one should have the right to dominate another.

Because this is what the energetic boils down to: domination. Those who seek greater measures of dominance and control over others have never in our human history been in the right. This energy, born from paradigms of dominance and subordination, is counter-intuitive, anti-human, and moves in direct opposition to divine will, creativity, and to life itself.

There is only one answer to this monster.

Let it go.

Live and let live.

Sink into the earth.

Remember who you are.


The Sacred Body is a tapestry of the ancient traditions and modern techniques that I have submerged myself in, including Yoga, Ayurveda, dance, somatic practice, developmental movement, shamanic healing and journeywork.


Ocean Born (2016): A creation myth | a ritual performance piece begun in the desert lake basin of Oregon, exploring the cycle of rebirth and regeneration, recorded through photo and video. http://www.marehieronimus.com/playas-womb


ANTLERED EARTH (2015-2016): an exploration of place, self, ancestry, and the passages of life and death through photo, video, and dance installation.